Ilitch Charities College Scholarship Recipients: Where are they now? - Andrew Aulerich

Name: Andrew Aulerich

Year Scholarship Received: 2005


Education and Career Achievements

        Andrew earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from Lawrence Technological University in 2010 and a Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan in 2012.  Between his studies at Lawrence Technological University, Andrew continued to dedicate time to his passion for hockey by playing on their Division III Hockey Club from 2005 - 2009. 

        In 2012, he began a career as an Associate Facilities Designer with The Walt Disney Company.  Through his job, Andrew is able to make dreams and fantasy come to life by assisting on the design projects of Walt Disney World's Theme Parks and Resorts.


How has being a former member of the Little Caesars hockey program and being an Ilitch Charities College Scholarship recipient prepared you in life?

        I've always given 100% in all aspects of my life and this scholarship was proof to me that hard work pays off.  I was able to use the scholarship to get one of the best architectural educations that money could buy at Lawrence Tech and the University of Michigan.  Through hard work and focus, I've landed a very exciting position with the Walt Disney Company in the architectural field.


What are your future plans and goals in life?

I want to become a licensed Architect within the next year, raise a family and enjoy every day.